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Jane Ford, Lic Ac, MBAcC

Acupuncture Practitioner


From an early age I was aware of the significance of health and wellbeing due to members of my close family being nurses, and my school holidays were often spent helping out on hospital wards.

I initially studied Education in Canterbury and became a teacher of Movement Studies/Performing Arts and Human Biology. Contemporary Dance became my specialism and passion.

A natural career break came with having children and living abroad for a short spell in Paris, and on returning to this country after a challenging time with my health I chose Acupuncture to aid my recovery, deciding to retrain and study it as a career. I had experienced acupuncture for some time before this and found it to be so helpful that it was not a difficult choice.

Qualifying from The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1997, I set up the Devizes Acupuncture Practice with Sue Bishop in 1998.

It is the combined observation of the mind, body and spirit, each as a part of the integral whole of a person, and the wide range of people and conditions treated daily in our practice that interests me most. The treatment of the whole person, balancing the systems of the body, is where my continued fascination lies. Keeping up to date with regular courses and acupuncture conferences supports my professional development, and I strive to explore the powerful potential of the mind and spirit on healing issues.


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