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Sarah Walters,
BSc, Dip Phyt, MNIMH

Medical Herbalist


A herbal practitioner must train for at least 4 years and complete 500 hours of clinical training, only then can they join the professional regulating body of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, and set up practice.

I studied at the School of Phytotherapy, one of the oldest schools of herbal medicine in England, and qualified in 2000.

We are trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors, but take a more natural approach to treatment by using herbs, diet and nutrition. We also maintain good communication with orthodox practitioners as well as other complementary therapists.

I specialise in natural healthcare and nutrition for children of all ages including the newborn and mothers. I am also a Foresight Practitioner helping with pre-conceptual care and the treatment of infertility and hormonal problems. I can offer home visits to those unable to travel to my practice.

For my work I cultivate and gather many herbs in the local countryside, and many remedies are made by me to suit individual needs. These include herbs, aromatic floral waters, herbal oils and creams, aromatherapy oils and flower remedies, along with suitable nutrition and dietary advice.

My background experience includes working at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, as well as nanny and child carer for fifteen years and with Neal’s Yard Remedies from 1995.


About Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the oldest and most widely practiced form of medicine worldwide. It offers a natural, effective approach to healthcare, and has been used for hundreds of years by a wide variety of people living all over the world.

The benefits of herbal medicine are huge. Herbs work to rebuild, nourish and heal the body. They can be used as the sole therapy, or to complement another type of treatment, and are helpful in reducing the side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs. Herbs can treat almost any condition that patients might take to their doctor, or can be used to prevent disease by strengthening the body and its immune system.

Herbal medicine can help people of all ages from the young to the elderly.


What to Expect

The therapy room is a friendly and private space for consultations.

The first appointment takes one hour, where a picture of the whole person can be built, and then specific treatment is made for the individual.

Following appointments are half and hour, with the number and frequency depending upon the patient and illness concerned. Appointments permitting, patients can drop in for a short 20 minute consultation for minor ailments, or a chat about herbal medicine and how it may help.

Throughout the year I hold workshops about herbal healthcare and nutrition relating to a variety of topical issues. I also lead herb walks in the local area.


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